Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bill Aimed at Curbing Drunk Driving

The Alabama State Legislature is considering a bill this session that will require repeat drunk driving offenders to install a ignition interlock device on their motor vehicle. My understanding is that it has already gone through the public safety committee.

I think that this bill definitely comes with good intentions. This requirement only attaches with a second DUI conviction.

But do not think that this will get all of the intoxicated drivers off the road. However, I think that some offenders will try and drive other vehicles while intoxicated.

When I look at new laws passed, I try and establish whether they will unfairly discriminate against anyone. I cannot find any flaws with this bill. I know some may argue that interlock devices may be unconstitutional. However, being that this does not attach until a second DUI offense occurs, I think the potential unfairness is removed.

I definitely do not think that these devices should be put on all cars. It would raise the sticker price of cars and be an unfair burden to those that do not drink. Studies are very inconclusive as to how these devices actually work.

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